At Medtech Services, service after the sale is key. Since its inception, Medtech Services in Reno has expanded its product line to include custom manual and power wheelchairs, seating and positioning products, and adaptive equipment. We have had the opportunity, during this time, to evaluate many different products, and can work with your health care professional to find the product that is right for you.

In the service department at Medtech Services, our customers receive star treatment. Our business was founded with the primary objective of providing wheelchair repair to those in need. We have remained true to this objective and our service department sets Medtech Services apart from other durable home medical equipment providers in this region.


serviceAreaExtends approximately 100 miles from our Reno location and occasionally up to 200 miles for the most rural customers.

Geography - The recent rise in fuel cost has impacted the distances we can routinely travel. Medtech Services has established certain days of the week to visit areas outside of the city of Reno. While certain products require delivery and set up at your home, other items can be picked up at our store. We encourage you to bring your home medical equipment, scooter or wheelchair to us for diagnosis and repair as this will decrease your waiting time and cost.

Our Service Department

Our service department has 5,000 square feet consisting of spare parts inventory, repair stations, a vehicle wheelchair lift installation bay and a wheelchair cleaning station. If you are in our service area and need wheelchair repair, scooter repair, wheelchair lift installation, or wheelchair lift repair, we look forward to assisting you.


  • Wheelchair evaluations with you and your clinician
  • Enforcement of manufacturer's warranty on products we sell
  • Pick-up and delivery of product
  • Cleaning of equipment
  • Loaner products if possible while equipment is being repaired
  • Labor to build or assemble and test sophisticated mobility equipment


  • Evaluation of client for specialized products
  • Evaluation of client's home for wheelchair accessibility
  • Evaluation of client's feasibility for wheelchair transport


Our service department boasts the most experienced wheelchair repair facility in Northern Nevada. We have factory trained technicians who have worked on products from virtually every manufacturer.

Medtech Services' success is a result of their continued effort to find mobility solutions that work for their customers. Medtech Services is a part of the community that has helped them succeed, and prides itself on having staff that is dedicated to providing the highest quality and personalized services to all of its customers. Medtech Services employs Assistive Technology Professionals, ATP's, who are certified by RESNA to fit wheelchairs under their guidelines.


Medtech Services believes that education in our industry is paramount to providing excellent service. Our service and field staff have product knowledge and training to assist with the ongoing use of medical equipment. Our standards require each of our employees to receive continuing education to stay up to date on all the newest products and coverage guidelines.